Your first meeting. Yikes!

You’re looking for help, but you’re afraid there isn’t anyone out there who could possibly do what you’ve done, much less understand and accept you for who you are. Take a breath, and know that your first SAA meeting will be an experience of acceptance and understanding.

As you work up the courage and come through the door, you’ll see the faces of men and women who know your troubles: they’ve all been there too.

You will probably be asked by at least one person if this is your first meeting, and asked to introduce yourself to the group with just your first name. The leader of the meeting may then explain to you how that meeting will introduce you to the SAA 12 step program. Your first meeting will likely be an opportunity for you to listen to others’ stories, learn how the program works for them, and ask questions, or share as much or as little as you’re comfortable doing.

You WON’T be required to do anything — you never will be. SAA, as with most 12 step programs, participation is voluntary. Your recovery is your own, we’re here to help you, however you want it.

Suggestions to Newcomers

  • Read the Newcomer Packet as soon as possible.
  • Make your recovery your top priority.
  • Make a commitment to attend at least 6 meetings during the next 2 weeks.
  • Find a sponsor or temporary sponsor as soon as possible (A sponsor is someone who guides you through the 12 Steps).
  • Begin to work The Steps.
  • Get in the habit of calling your points of contact every day. Calling other members of the fellowship will benefit you as well as them. Calls are supportive of your recovery and are welcomed by other members of the group.
  • Put the same amount of effort into your recovery as you did acting out.
  • Your addiction never takes a day off. Your recovery shouldn’t, either.