Electronic & Remote Meeting Options

Electronic meetings are held for those who are unable to attend regular face-to-face meetings. Currently, there are three types of these meetings:

Online IRC/Chat Meetings: Conducted using “chat” technology. Users log into these sessions using either IRC software or web browser and communicate by typing. (Click for Schedule)

  • Using your web browser:
    Login to
    Create your nickname then enter the channel: #saa
  • Using your choice of IRC/Chat software:
    Select: starlink-irc.org as your IRC Network
    Select “#SAA” as your channel

Teleconference Meetings: Held via telephone from a central call-in number. Please note: these are NOT toll-free numbers.(Click for Schedule)

Skype Meetings: Held using Skype and the internet. Users add a specific Skype username to their list of contacts then connect for discussion.(Click for Schedule)